Upcoming Shows

March 30, 17:30

Casual Fifth presents Second Act, A performance of taiko and modern dance that moves from chaos, clamness, and rebuilding.

This show is part of Miniball Fest 2024, presented by Cannoball Festival

Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival 2024

April 13-14 in Fairmount Park
April 13, 15:20

We will once again be performing amid the Cherry Blossoms near Shofuso.

Previous Shows

Columbia University Taiko Fest

DC Sakura Taiko Festival

Mar 25, 23

Philly Cherry Blossom Festival

April 10, 22
April 15, 23

Taiko Cabaret at Tokio Headhouse

Nov 12/13/19/20, 22

Debut pieces and new company members on our classic songs.

Bard College Dance Program

Nov 3-5, 22

Northhampton Community College

March 15, 23

Hosted by Shofuso
Bon Odori Dancing all day led by Minyo Dancers with drumming provided by Mac, various students, and members of Casual Fifth.
Taiko performances all day

Aug 13, 22
Aug 12, 23

Governor's Island Obon

June 17, 22
Aug 30/31, 19

Oct 16, 21

May 14, 22

Feb 6, 22

As part of Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2021 and Cannonball Festival 2021.

A video performance and a live show

As Part of Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2020

A video showcase of Taiko numbers and Dance Performances